Traditional & Authentic Tang Soo Do Training: Fenton, MI

Traditional Training

Tang Soo Do is widely recognized as a Traditional Korean Martial Art. It’s philosophies and technical aspects are derived primarily from Korean teachings and wisdom, but it is the blending of these philosophies which has led Tang Soo Do to be recognized as one of the foremost authentic martial art styles.

In today’s modern society, people are looking for ways to improve their quality of life. Doctors, professors and many other professionals in stressful occupations find relief in the structured Tang Soo Do training program. For most, it provides a physical fitness regimen that improves health and self-image. Many parents bring their children to Tang Soo Do because of the structure, disciplined atmosphere and the lessons learned regarding respect and self-control.

Tang Soo Do Develops Balance, Peace of Mind, and Confidence

As soon as you begin to train, you will begin a path of self-improvement, better health and the peace of mind gained by knowing you are involved in a process that will give you personal and lasting satisfaction. Along with your continued practice, you will become proficient in a style of self-defense that is unparalleled in modern society.

Authentic Tang Soo Do is not a sport; it is an art form. In Tang Soo Do everyone is a winner because the stated goals are self-improvement and the enhancement of the mental and physical self. This is not to say that Authentic Tang Soo Do practitioners do not compete to display their abilities. In fact, many national and world champions have been Tang Soo Do stylists, but their goal in competition is to gain a learning experience, validate their training or to represent their traditional martial art.

Age or gender are not reasons to refrain beginning a traditional martial arts program.

The benefits you receive will make a noticeable difference in your life

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